Bix®Wear solutions deliver custom components to the apparel and footwear industries that are pilot tested to ensure a seamless integration into our customers’ manufacturing processes.

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    custom elastic tapes


    By using proprietary chemistries that provide superior performance, Bixby makes multi-width elastic tapes that demonstrate superior stretch, comfort, and recovery compared to competitors' products.

  • perforated

    perforated elastics

    perforated elastics

    Bixby has combined its material science and processing expertise to develop cost effective perforated elastics that offer unique fit, form, and function that engineers and designers use for the development of next generation garments.


    custom elastic adhesives

    CUSTOM ELASTIC adhesives

    Bixby uses a broad range of technologies and chemistries to create high performance elastic and adhesive textiles. Our products deliver new functionality, like high tack for grip to replace silicone elastics, and we also produce a wide range of film solutions durably applied to your textiles and substrates.

  • specialty ELASTIC
    films & adhesives

    specialty elastic films adhesives

    specialty elastic
    films & adhestives

    Bixby has over 150 years of experience developing unique film and laminate solutions for a broad array of industries from footwear to medical to aerospace. Let Bixby develop your next generation film or laminate product that drives innovation in your product line.

BIX®WEAR provides custom solutions for clients in the apparel industry.

Bixby International’s unique processing capabilities and ability to produce a diverse range of specialty plastic resins allows us to provide a diverse portfolio of products to the apparel industry, including our BixWear line. Bixby’s unique plastic formulations provide a variety of adhesive, barrier, and elastic BixWear products.

Our state-of-the-art plastic extruder and world class laminator enable us to create both single-layer and multi-layer films, including films integrated with foam padding, textile reinforcements, and multilayer combinations of polymers and textiles. Our high-end process allows us to produce films of the highest quality that are used to make a wide variety of products for the apparel industry.

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1 - 120 mils (.025 – 3 mm)

.25 to 72 inches (6 to 1829 mm)

Standard Core Size
3 and 6 inches
(Other sizes available on request)