Custom Thermoplastic Extrusion Solutions


At the heart of Bixby’s capabilities is our custom thermoplastic extrusion technology, including mono- and multi-layer tandem extrusion. We have taken our extrusion expertise and manufacturing flexibility to a higher standard, which enables us to extrude onto a variety of substrates to create mono- and multi-layer, laminated composites. Whether it is foams, films, woven or non-woven fabrics, we can combine the components you need. And, we do all this in a one-step process, saving our customers significant time and money.


  • Three Flat Die Cast Extrusion Lines
  • 48" Wide: Up to Seven Distinct Layers
  • 60" Wide: Up to Three Distinct Layers
  • 72" Wide: Up to Five Distinct Layers
  • Gauge Range: 0.003" - 0.250"
  • Coating Gauge Range: 0.001" - 0.008"
  • Textures: Gloss, Brushed, Light Matte, Heavy Matte, Prismatic, or Customer Specified
  • Sheet and Roll Stock
  • In-House Slitting Capability - In-Line and Off-Line