Custom Thermoplastic Extrusion Solutions


Bixby’s broad materials knowledge and decades of experience developing, extruding and laminating polymer constructions are what differentiate us in the plastics industry from other plastics extrusion companies. Below is an overview of some of the custom plastic extrusion materials we can use to solve your product challenges and deliver the functionality you require in your most critical applications.

Bixby International is a custom thermoplastic sheet extruder and laminator offering one of the broadest polymer material and substrate selections in the plastics industry. Now in its second century as a plastic extrusion company in the USA, the company specializes in delivering practical solutions for the most challenging mono- and multi-layer plastic sheet applications in the world. Bixby leverages its core competencies of material, process, and application expertise to meet the most demanding design, engineering and manufacturing challenges of their customers in markets ranging from agriculture to energy and mining to medical devices.

Bixby International Corporation was founded in 1874 by brothers William E. and George H. (Bixby) to service the footwear industry in the Merrimack Valley of Eastern Massachusetts. The company concentrated on cut fiberboard, felt components and tacks utilized in the assembly of footwear. Bixby expanded its services to this growing industry to become the dominant supplier nationwide in its product specialties for many decades. During the second half of the Twentieth Century, the company expanded to overseas markets, including Europe, Canada, Africa, Central and South America, and the Asia Pacific region. During this period, Bixby began a vertical integration program, becoming its own supplier of profile extruded, and bulk hot melt adhesive products. 

In the mid 1980s, seeking new opportunities for growth, Bixby concentrated its product development and marketing effort on expanding and accelerating its product/market diversification program. The company’s strategy was to focus on markets where Bixby’s unique production capabilities could provide significant competitive advantages. In the 1990s, Bixby designed and installed a unique 72" wide line comprised of two large plastics extruders and associated roll stacks, including robust upstream and downstream web handling capability. This innovative processing line allowed flexibility to make multi-layer structures comprised of two different extruded polymers in combination with up to three different roll substrates like fabrics, foams or films in a single pass. Applications grew in more sophisticated end-use markets like recreation, building and construction, industrial belting, coated and reinforced fabrics, among others requiring multi-layer solutions.

Bixby entered the new millennium as a custom plastic extrusion company with positive momentum and a need to support a diverse and growing customer base in rapid product development and prototyping. A laboratory pilot line was designed and installed. Soon it became the backbone of Bixby’s research and development activities.

Continuously investing in and improving its production operations to consistently supply technically advanced mono- and multi-layer polymer sheet solutions. Bixby focuses on being an environmentally conscious and sustainable plastics extrusion manufacturing operation. Seeking to minimize its environmental impact, Bixby has invested in renewable energy with the installation of a 50-kilowatt solar array.


With these capabilities, and our skilled and motivated staff, we have been able to invest in and grow our innovative business model to supply customers with best-in-class custom plastic extrusion solutions.

Expanding from the footwear applications of over 140 years ago, to the many industrial applications developed in the last quarter century, we continue to deliver new technical solutions to major plastics manufacturing companies and other corporations around the globe in industries such as medical, orthopedic, military, recreational, renewable energy, aerospace, and transportation.

Extruded Polymers & Tie Layers

As a thermoplastic extrusion company and one of the oldest plastic extrusions suppliers in the United States, Bixby extrudes a vast array of commercially available polymer resins and compounds. These polymers can be extruded alone or together with other polymers, or in laminate constructions with other substrates. Click link above for additional information.

Laminate Substrates

Bixby’s raw materials include the diverse polymers and tie-layers we extrude, plus the many substrates that come as roll stock that we subsequently extrude onto, and include in our composite constructions. Click link above for additional information.

Gauge Control

  • Three Flat Die Cast Extrusion Lines
  • 48" wide: Up to Seven Distinct Layers
  • 60" wide: Up to Three Distinct Layers
  • 72" wide: Up to Five Distinct Layers
  • Gauge Range: 0.003" – 0.250"
  • Coating Gauge Range: 0.001" – 0.008"
  • Textures: Gloss, Brushed, Light Matte, Heavy Matte, Prismatic, or Customer Specified
  • Sheet and Roll Stock
  • In-House Slitting Capability – In-Line and Off-Line