Custom Thermoplastic Extrusion Solutions

Apparel & Footwear

  • Custom Elastic Tapes
  • Custom Elastic Adhesives
  • Adhesive Films
  • Perforated Elastic Films
  • Specialty Elastic Films and Sheets

Bixby International’s unique processing capabilities and ability to produce a diverse range of specialty plastic resins allows us to provide a diverse portfolio of products to the apparel industry, including our BixWear line. Bixby’s unique plastic formulations provide a variety of adhesive, barrier, and elastic BixWear products.

In addition to BixWear, we also provide custom solutions for clients in the apparel industry.

Bixby provides both single-layer and multi-layer films, including films integrated with foam padding, textile reinforcements, and multilayer combinations of polymers and textiles. Our high-end process allows us to produce films of the highest quality that are used to make a wide variety of apparel products.

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