Custom Thermoplastic Extrusion Solutions


At Bixby, we thoroughly test and carefully analyze each thermoplastic extrusion solution we work on. Our many years as a plastic extrusion company have taught us that it is the only way to meet the precise specifications of our customers. Our exceptional lab testing capabilities allow us to perform this painstaking work. With them, we can take product ideas from conception to commercial launch in a relatively short amount of time. See below to learn more about how our lab testing capabilities can play an important part in creating custom plastic extrusion solutions for you.

Bixby’s materials, product and applications development lab is equipped to take your product idea from conception to commercial launch in ways you may not have thought possible. We accomplish this by taking iterative concepts and manufacturing them on our pilot line. There, we utilize our lab equipment to thoroughly test and analyze them to ensure they meet your specifications. Our lab equipment capabilities include:

Mechanical Property Characterization

Material Thermal / Rheological / Optical Characterization

Application Testing

Post-Processing Characterization